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WorkSafe BC FAQ
Nov 05, 2013
Information on WorkSafe BC Claims, Benefits, Return to Work, Appeals & Disputes.
Download: WorkSafe BC FAQ.docx

2013 Redmond Report
Sep 29, 2013
Here is my report from the 2013 Redmond Symposium that I attended in Denver in August.
Download: 2013 Redmond Symposium Report.doc

Suicide in the Fire and Emergency Services
Feb 20, 2013

Download: Firefighter suicide report.pdf

Use of SCBA during suppression and overhaul
Mar 03, 2012
WorkSafe BC Part 31 - Respirators states: 31.19 General Firefighters who may be exposed to an oxygen deficient atmosphere or to harmful concentrations of air contaminants must wear a self-contained breathing apparatus of a positive pressure type having a rated minimum duration of 30 minutes.
Download: Structural Fire Overhaul - Respiratory Hazards and Personal Protective Equipment.pdf , CHARACTERIZATION OF FIREFIGHTER EXPOSURES DURING FIRE OVERHAUL (Phoenix Study).pdf , Mandatory SCBA Usage During Smoke Exposures.pdf

UPDATED - Recommended medical tests for firefighters
Sep 25, 2016
Medical Evaluation is a key component of the Wellness Fitness Initiative. Below are three letters: one from the BCPFFA which explains what the presumptive cancers are for firefighters in British Columbia, and another from Dr. Hartley Stern which indicates the need for colonoscopies for firefighters beginning at age 40. Please discuss these with your doctor as well the checklist to determine which tests would be appropriate for your age.
Download: Wellness_Medical_Testing_Checklist.DOC , Letter_to_BC_Doctors-Cancer_Presumption_October_2007.pdf , Dr.Stern Colonosopie for Firefighters.pdf , Dear_Physician.pdf , Coquitlam Fire Rescue Joint Labour Management Wellness Fitness Initiative.DOC , Cancer_Prevention_Tips.DOC , Primary care cancer evaluations for firefighters_HamrockMD_2016_FCSN.pdf

Mesothelioma: A Hidden Danger for Firefighters
Aug 29, 2011

For more info check out this link:

Download: Mesothelioma__A_Hidden_Danger_for_Firefighters.DOC

Jul 30, 2012

Download: CFD EFAP confidentiality .doc , InfoSheet-IAFF-CoquitFire-final-July 2012.pdf

Vehicle Deaths
Oct 11, 2008

One sentence stands out in report after report from investigators at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program after an apparatus crash: “Occupants were not wearing their seatbelts at the time of the incident.”

The attached article talks about how most vehicle accidents and deaths are preventable.

Download: vehicledeaths.pdf

IAFF Releases Line-of-Duty Injury Report
Nov 23, 2008
The IAFF has released the results of its Contributing Factors to Fire Fighter Line-of-Duty Injury Study conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Fire Administration.  The study compiled and analyzed two years of data from nine geographically diverse metropolitan fire departments to identify and quantify the major factors that contribute to fire fighter line-of-duty injuries
B.C. now recognizes testicular cancer as an occupational hazard for firefighters.
Nov 23, 2008
Testicular cancer a hazard for firefighters David Hogben Vancouver Sun Wednesday, May 28, 2008 B.C. now recognizes testicular cancer as an occupational hazard for firefighters. Labour and Citizens' Services Minister Olga Illich announced the change of policy Tuesday at the B.C

Rules of engagement for structural firefighting.
Sep 30, 2013

Download: Rules of engagement for structural firefighting.pdf

Health and Safety Links
Mar 04, 2012 http://hdfirefighters.spph.ubc.
2011 Redmond report
Aug 28, 2011

Download: 2011 Redmond Report.DOC

Esophageal cancer added as illness covered for firefighters
Jan 16, 2012
Almost 4,000 firefighters will qualify Dan Burritt 2011/07/15 VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - BC firefighters who develop esophageal cancer will now have an easier time qualifying for health benefits. The province has added the disease to a list of ten covered by the Workers Compensation Act.
New Study Examines Sudden Cardiac Events in Firefighters
Mar 29, 2011

Download: DHS 07 Fire Service report Final.pdf

New Study Examines Sudden Cardiac Events in Firefighters
Jan 16, 2012
Mar 17, 2011 Cardiac-related events are responsible for 40 to 50 percent of line-of-duty deaths among firefighters. This high cardiac fatality rate--considered to be a crisis in the firefighting community--prompted a two-year study by Skidmore College’s Department of Health and Exercise Sciences.
UPDATED - Recommended medical tests for firefighters
Jan 16, 2012
Members can check out an updated Wellness Medical Testing Checklist under Member Resources on the "Health and Safety" page.  Included are several letters to take to your doctor as well as an updated Wellness Document.  All members are reminded and encouraged to go to their family doctors annually for a full physical.

Heart Disease Among Firefighters - UBC Study Complete
Mar 04, 2012
Conclusions of the Study:In this study we observed an increased risk of cardiovascular disease* among firefighters who had been employed between 20 and 29 years, but little or no excess among firefighters employed for 30 or more years. The increased risk among firefighters was strongest for acute coronary disease, a category consisting primarily of acute myocardial infarction.
Radiation from cell phone towers, Wi-Fi , smart grids, and other sources: What are the long-term effects?
Aug 28, 2011
Ottawa, Canada – Documented biological effects of short-term exposure to low-intensityradiofrequency radiation (RFR)—such as those emitted from cell tower base stations and otherantenna arrays—include headaches, skin rashes, sleep disturbances, depression, concentrationproblems, and dizziness. But scientists know little about the long-term effects of RFR. See attached PDF for full report.
Download: NRC_cell_tower_radiation_study.pdf

Myths and Facts about Bed Bugs
Dec 26, 2010

Download: mythsandfacts.pdf

The Effectiveness of Current Fire Fighter Rapid Intervention Teams
Dec 16, 2010

Download: RS2008-IG08.pdf

Phoenix Fire Dept Health Center
Aug 27, 2010

NIST Report on Residential Fireground Field Experiments
Nov 09, 2010
More than 60 full-scale fire experiments were conducted to determine the impact of crew size, first-due engine arrival time, and subsequent apparatus arrival times on firefighter safety and effectiveness at a low-hazard residential structure fire. This report quantifies the effects of changes to staffing and arrival times for residential firefighting operations
Download: Report-on-Residential-Fireground-Field-Experiments.pdf

Relevant WorkSafe BC OHS Regulation
May 15, 2010

Download: Relevant_WorkSafe_BC_OHS_Regulation.DOC

2009 Redmond Report
Oct 19, 2014

Download: 2009 Redmond Symposium Report.doc

List of cancer presumptions for firefighters in BC
Nov 26, 2009

Download: Coverage table April 2009.pdf

IAFF Redmond Symposium online
Feb 13, 2010

Watch the IAFF Redmond Symposium online! All workshops and presentations are available on demand the day following the date the session is held. To view sessions, click here.

IAFF/IAFC Wellnes Fitness Initiative: 3rd edition
Sep 11, 2008

Download: WelFitMan2nd[1].pdf

NFPA 1582- Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments
Aug 28, 2011

Download: NFPA 1582 Standard on Comprehen

Critical Incident Stress information
Aug 28, 2011

Download: CISM_info_pamphlet.DOC

Cancer info for firefighters
Jun 05, 2008
Information from cancer lecture provided by shift safety reps
Download: Cancer_information_for_firefighters.DOC , BC Doctor Letter_Cancer Presumption_October 2007.pdf

Post-fire decontamination procedures
Mar 21, 2008

Download: Decontamination_procedures_after_a_fire_of_significant_nature.DOC

19th Redmond Symposium report
Jun 09, 2008

Download: 19th_Redmond_Symposium.DOC

HEPATITIS A & B Immunization info
Jan 30, 2017

All members can go to the "Travel Medicine Vaccination Centre" @ #240 - 3020 Lincoln Avenue to get their Hep A and/or Hep B shots. The City of Coquitlam is billed directly. This visit must be pre-arranged by each member by phoning "Elsie Marie Valentino" RN @ 604-681-5261 ext # 105 and making an appointment.

Currently, there is no recommendation for a routine booster dose after the initial Hepatitis B vaccination series is completed. Data shows that vaccine-induced hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs) levels might decline over time; however, immune memory (anamnestic anti-HBs response) remains intact indefinitely following immunization. People with declining antibody levels are still protected against clinical illness and chronic disease.


2007 Redmond Symposium
Dec 05, 2007

Here is a link to the 2007 Redmond Symposium in Chicago:

Annual Cancer screening and medical evaluations for firefighters
Feb 25, 2008
Due to our occupation as firefighters, we are more than twice as likely as the general public to acquire certain types of cancers
Download: SternLetter.pdf

NIOSH Alert: Preventing Fire Fighter Fatalities Due to Heart Attacks
Dec 05, 2007
Download: NIOSHAlert.pdf

Medical tests that can save your life.
Oct 13, 2007
Medical Tests That Can Save Your Life - Male - 20-39   Men 20-39: It's easy to take your health for granted when you're young. But people under 40 still face some risk of certain diseases -- illnesses that can be treated if caught early on. Try to get the following exams done as recommended. If you establish good screening habits now, you're likely to continue them in the future
Download: Medical tests that can save your life.DOC

Screening Colonoscopies for Firefighters
Oct 28, 2007
This is a letter written by Dr. Hartley S. Stern for Ottawa firefighters to give to their doctor's.  The letter contains clarification and recommendations regarding colon cancer and screening.
Download: SternLetter.pdf

Healthy Eating Choices in the Fire Hall
Aug 28, 2011

Download: Healthy eating choices in the fire hall.DOC

Employee and Family assistance group
Nov 19, 2008

The Employee Assistance Group provides Local 1782 members and their immediate family access to confidential Employee Assistance Programs and highly qualified and experienced EAP professionals that are dedicated to achieving solutions that meet the unique needs and expectations of the members and their families.  Currently Local 1782 has a 50/50 cost sharing agreement with the City of Coquitlam where the employee pays a $20 user fee and the Union and City are billed the difference.  If a member's child uses the EAP their user fee is paid by Local 1782.

Download: CFD EFAP confidentiality .doc

How Toxins Attack: You, Your Crew and Your Family
Oct 19, 2007

How Toxins Attack: You, Your Crew and Your Family
In order to understand how to avoid toxic exposure, you need to know how and where it occurs. This module shows you how to help prevent secondary contamination at work and at hom

Fitness on the Front Line: Staying Prepared
Oct 19, 2007

Fitness on the Front Line: Staying Prepared
Every day, you make choices that affect your health and job performance. This module will follow a fire fighter through a shift during which you can explore some of those choices.

Routine Personal Decontamination: Getting Clean and Staying Healthy
Oct 19, 2007
Routine Personal Decontamination: Getting Clean and Staying Healthy
This module explains when and how first responders should decontaminate after routine calls.
IAFF Influenza Pandemic Presentation
Oct 19, 2007

After participating in this presentation, you will be able to:  

  • Identify the characteristics of the Avian Flu.
  • Describe how to protect yourself against influenza.
  • Assist your department in developing a plan for a potential pandemic in your community.


Download: IAFFInfluenzaPandemicModule.ppt

Water versus sport drinks
Aug 28, 2011

Safety Stand Down presentation 2006
Oct 19, 2007

Download: Safety Stand Down Presentation 2006.PPT

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