Coquitlam Firefighters Local 1782
Fireworks Bylaw Coquitlam
Aug 31, 2013

The City webpage at should be referenced for updated bylaws this bylaw current on September 1, 2013, this is for informational purposes only.

9. Fireworks and Firecrackers

9.1 No person will possess for purposes of re-sale or distribution, offer for sale, store,

distribute or sell:

(a) Low Hazard Fireworks;

(b) High Hazard Fireworks; or

(c) Firecrackers.

9.2 Subject to sections 9.3 and 9.4, no person will possess for purposes of use, set off, use,

explode or discharge:

(a) Low Hazard Fireworks;

(b) High Hazard Fireworks; or

(c) Firecrackers.

9.3 Section 9.2 does not apply if a person or organization has received a permit in the

prescribed form from the Fire Chief to use, set off, explode or discharge any Low Hazard

Fireworks, High Hazard Fireworks or Firecrackers for religious, ceremonial, celebratory or

business related purposes. The Fire Chief may, in issuing a permit pursuant to this

section, impose any and all conditions which he deems necessary to provide for the

protection of persons and property. The person or organization to whom or to which a

permit is issued pursuant to this section is responsible for ensuring compliance with all

provisions contained in the permit and this Bylaw.

9.4 The Fire Chief will not issue a permit pursuant to section 9.3 for private property unless a

registered owner of such property is the person seeking the permit or the permit

applicant provides the Fire Chief with written authorization from a registered owner of

the property authorizing the applicant to seek such a permit.

9.5 No person will point or direct a Low Hazard Firework, a High Hazard Firework or a

Firecracker at any person, animal, structure, vehicle or other object where the Low Hazard

Firework, High Hazard Firework or Firecracker is in the process of being used, set off,

exploded or detonated.

9.6 Any member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, an Officer under this Bylaw, a City

employee duly authorized by the Fire Chief or a Peace Officer, may seize Firecrackers, Low

Hazard Fireworks and High Hazard Fireworks, or any of them, being held or used in

violation of this Bylaw and may dispose of them in a manner approved by the Fire Chief,

without compensation for the said seizure and without charges being laid or formal

enforcement proceedings being commenced. This section does not in any way restrict or

prevent charges from being laid or formal enforcement proceedings under this Bylaw

from being commenced.

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